The Kind Veggie Burritos Story

I got the idea of writing this back in 1991 when, in between tours, I started jonesing, not only for the music, but for some of the really good parking lot food you could sometimes find. Truth was, I never could get my stir-fry exactly right, and oh, those burritos!

I started talking to Deadheads in the lot, handed out flyers, emailed on that new baby called the Internet, and got recipes and suggestions from Heads everywhere that I could find them. And so, on Spring Tour of 1995, my cookbook was born!

Like many great ideas that get repeated, some similar books were later published. But this is the original, non-commercial, first Deadhead cookbook!

So if you’re looking for essays and editorials about the olden days in the Shakedown Scene, sorry. This is first and foremost a trusty, hard-working cookbook with over a hundred recipes, collected from Deadheads on tour. And it’s still in print, whenever you want one, for a minimum price.

Most importantly, the emphasis is on kindness —

For all of these magical 27 years now, all proceeds after expenses, have been donated to SEVA and the Rex Foundation. And now, in 2022, to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, too.

SEVA is the non-profit foundation for compassionate social action, founded by the likes of Ram Dass and Wavy Gravy. Their mission is to help relieve some of the human suffering in various parts of the world, especially through locally based medical assistance.

The Rex Foundation is the Grateful Dead’s own charitable foundation. They are a multifaceted charity that, among many projects, is working to secure a healthy environment, promote the arts, and assist others less fortunate.

And CARE-Ukraine is on the ground in eastern Europe and war-ravaged Ukraine, supporting the most vulnerable Ukrainians, particularly women-headed households, children, and the elderly.

Keeping the Kind Tribe Vibe Alive

Kind Veggie Burritos is my way of saying thanks, and celebrating my own joyful ride on The Bus since my first show over 50 years ago: April 17, 1971 – that killer show at Princeton!).

This book is my own self-published, homegrown labor of love; you won’t find it in traditional bookstores. I pay for it, and the website, and all, completely out of my own pocket becauseĀ I love the music, and our tribe. Whatever the future may hold, it is my contribution for keeping the gentle, good vibes flowing among us.

In the course of working on this book, I have met hundreds of beautiful brothers and sisters, with three things in common — their love for the Grateful Dead, and their love for good food are the most obvious.

But most of all, they all share a deep, abiding love for others. That love has come through in every recipe, in every conversation, and every encounter with which I have been honored.

Thank you to everyone past and present in our traveling circus full of sound that has shared so much compassion, joy, and wonderful food.

And my profound gratitude goes especially to the Grateful Dead – band members and extended family, living and dead – and all of your musical incarnations.

All the years combine, they melt into a dream

And after over five decades on this bus to never, ever land .. well, I am still so grateful. The Wheel keeps turning, and one way or another, we are bound to cover just a little more ground.

Thanks and Stay In Touch!