How To Order

Flying to Your Doorstep with Love and Kindness

It’s super easy to order YOUR Kind Veggie Burritos, for you, or as a gift for your favorite peeps.

BECAUSE — it makes a rare and unique gift! (Not sold in stores or anywhere else on the Internet).

BONUS –– if you’d like me to, I would love to make it extra special for your lucky recipient(s) and you with a note, a signed copy, or special greeting from you. You can tell me all about it in the PayPal “Special Instructions.”

And have no fears: I have had BOTH vaccines (yay!) and we’re following all the CDC recommendations. So your book should be all clear!

Each copy mailed at the Media rate is only $24.

Or, if you can’t wait, you can kick in an extra $6 per copy to get it shipped Priority. (It actually costs me more than this for most Priority mail these days, so this is a small compromise).

(If for some weird reason, the PayPal box is not working for you, please tell me. I’m not sure why this randomly happens, but pop me an email, and let me know your mind!).

Also — if you need me to ship to U.S. states/territories off the main continent, please choose Priority.

pointFor all other international shipping, please email me. Overseas, non-U.S. mail has become impossibly expensive (including Canada! TOTAL bummer!) and I’ll need to make special arrangements with you.

Otherwise, just pick your shipping preference with the buttons below and your fresh, delicious copy of Kind Veggie Burritos will be flying to your mailbox almost before you can say Aoxomoxoa!

Shipping Options

You can also send me a check or money order, using the guidelines above.
Beth Livingston
1105 Trail’s End Road
Durham, NC 27712