It’s Time for a Fresh Start!

Get Ready to Flip the Calendar .. It’s a New Year’s Celebration!

Well, the first days don’t have to be the hardest days, when you have a trusty cookbook full of kindness by your side!

Chase away the Winter’s chill with some rare deliciousness for your body and soul!

With over 120 recipes, from super simple, to beautifully elegant, the Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook is where you’ll find all your favorites for touring, camping, and home cooking.

And while these yummy dishes bring good vibes for you and your family, you are also supporting two important foundations for people in need: The Rex Foundation, and SEVA.

In fact, all the proceeds of EVERY BOOK are donated to these two outstanding charitable organizations. Now that’s extra, extra kind!

PLUS –  you won’t find it anywhere else!

The Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook is guaranteed to be your most unique, tasty friend in the kitchen, as you gather round for some comfort food this Winter.

dead and company

I cooked up this idea after those Spring 1991 Greensboro shows, when I was searching for something soul-satisfying to eat. It took four years of work (and very delicious research!) before I finally launched my self-published book in the lot at those sweet 1995 Charlotte shows.

And yeah, I have to say — the Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook was an instant hit.Charlotte Ticket

Thanks to YOU, the Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook of today has lots more recipes than that first slender little booklet, and has found happy homes in kitchens and tour packs around the world.

And while these yummy dishes bring good vibes for you and your family, you are also supporting two important foundations for people in need.

Now about to head into our 22nd year, I have continued to donate all proceeds from your purchase (after expenses) to the Dead’s Rex Foundation and to SEVA, Compassion in Action.

Made one by one at my local, green-friendly printer, and shipped by mail-order with my love, Kind Veggie Burritos serves up real comfort food – tasty dishes that will nourish you, and bring good lovin’ to people that need your help!

The One and Only Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook!
Recipes for Traveling, Tailgating,

 Camping and Home

by Beth Livingston
Photography by John Rottet

Order your copy of the world’s first (and best!) Deadhead cookbook and smile, smile, smile! You’ll be helping others while you treat yourself to these tasty recipes and sweet photographs. Feed your family with Good Food and Good Karma. With every purchase, you are bringing help to folks who need it!

Got questions? Email me.

Kind Veggie Burritos has been bringing smiles and good vibes to Deadheads and other kind people all over the globe. And YES! It’s still going strong, thanks to everyone who is keeping the vibe alive!


It’s got over 120 pages of yummy recipes, tour photos and fun — collected with love from Deadheads everywhere. Includes recipes for munchies, breads for your head, breakfast treats, entreés, home-brews and of course, plenty of kind veggie burritos.

Kind Veggie Burritos is available through mail order and this website only – not available in stores! There are no profits, and no corporate trips!

And did I mention?  All proceeds go to the Rex Foundation and SEVA.

SEVA is the non-profit foundation for compassionate social action, that brings medical assistance to people around the world, and is headed by good people like Ram Dass and Wavy Gravy.

The The Rex Foundation is the Grateful Dead’s own charitable foundation. It supports the arts and honors the spirit of community, service and creativity.

Someone you know (maybe YOU!) really needs this cookbook today!

If you have a preference about which charity you prefer your money to go to, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll split it.

Yeah, Beth! Turn me on to Kind Veggie Burritos right now!

I also take checks or money orders. Email me for details and any other info you might need!

I hope you’ll love my book as much as I love turning people on to it! And since I don’t advertise, I really appreciate you spreading the word to your friends and family!

Hope to see you down the road!


















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